An essential music education for my children

Today, while driving to Ephrata, we were listening to the classic rock station. I looked at my 12 year old daughter and asked “who is this band?” She gave me a sheepish look and said “I don’t know.” I threw up my hands in despair and said “U2!”

I’ve been on a path to try and teach my kids what I consider to be the essential bands to know to be culturally literate. U2. Journey. They already know Prince. The Beatles. The Beach Boys. I was trying to think who else to add. Madonna. Probably the Rolling Stones. The Grateful Dead. Phish. Of course, this is only rock, and only from the 60’s on. Credence Clearwater Revival probably belongs on the list.  Bob Dylan too, though I’m actually unfamiliar with his music.

Aesthetically, I should make them familiar with Jazz and Classical too. Bill Evans. Pat Metheny Group. John Coltraine. Miles Davis. Mozart. Handel. 

Who would you add? Post in the comments. And if anyone says “Weird Al,” you are getting flamed

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