Bob Moog synthesizer maker dies at 71


writes “CNN is reporting that Synthesizer pioneer and all around vanguard of electronic music, Bob Moog, has passed away at age 71. Dr Moog built his first electronic instrument – a theremin – aged 14 and made the MiniMoog “the first compact, easy-to-use synthesizer”, in 1964. He was the first to bring the electronic synthesizer within reach of most musicians, and his early work, the “Minimoog” is still highly praised, and often emulated, to this day.”

I grew up listening to Switched on Bach, the album that made synthesizers famous in general, and the moog synthesizer famous specifically. I have been playing synthesizers since 1984 when my Dad bought a Roland Juno 106. Robert Moog was an icon. The music world is a better place for his inventions and business practices.

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